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"Here is the CD I have been waiting for my whole life the one Cd I wanted so much variety in so i put my heart and soul into every song on this Cd I put every bit of me into writing each and every song." Bobby Johnson.








































































Bobby Johnson
"Bobby Johnson has been nominated for three catagories in this years 2014 Awards on Clays Country Radio.. His input into helping other artists get their music created and recorded has been phenominal. The talents of this professional musician are endless ." Clay Pierce -
Bobby Johnson Keepin It Country

“This is the Real Deal Country Music that you have to respect and should take the time to hear. Country Music needs more acts like Bobby Johnson.”
—  Bobby McIntyre Pro Artist/producer/label

Bobby Johnson I Got The Best In You

This twelve track album of original songs is an album we can all relate to on the journey of life. This well constructed album and unique vocals make listening an experience you want to repeat ..

Bobby Johnson hosting rescources for songwriters
I wanna take the time to welcome all the newcomers to the group, it's really nice having you in our family here. When i started this group i never dreamed it would be this cool. We have no rules here just that everyone respect each other and have a great time. There is a lot of great writers here and it's so nice to see everyone willing to help each other and that's what this group is all about. Have a great day and thanks to Linda and Betty for all the hard effort they put in greeting everyone and making everyone feel at home Thanks so much Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson

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